My name is Frank, and Endaxi Graphics is my business. Born in Scotand, I now live and work on a small Greek island which provides a very creative environment with bright Aegean light and clean air, surrounded by crystal clear waters.

I started out as an architect, but quickly decided to scale down my designs, from buildings to graphics! I have now worked in graphic design for the past 30+ years, and in that time, I have never missed a deadline!

Entirely self-taught, I have kept pace with the changes in clients’ needs and requirements, and also maintained the abilities of my computers, software, and photographic equipment to meet those needs.

In 2020, Endaxi Graphics continues to keep up to date in order to provide the best possible service for every client.


Design for print and the web are our main constituents of our business. However, primarily available to Parian and Paros-based clients, Endaxi Graphics  also provides specialist photographic services.

We specialise in informal portraits, professional and amateur sports, travel photography, and (just to give ourselves a real challenge) animals! We do not do studio work.

A small selection of images from the many thousands we have captured over the years are shown below.