Endaxi Graphics provides creative, responsive website design, graphics, typography, domain name & hosting setup, search engine optimisation, & ongoing site maintenance.

We constantly aim to make our sites better, simpler, cooler and more intuitive.
With all clients, we ask that initial thoughts, ideas, requirements are provided in written form. Writing helps clients focus, and often results in last-minute revisions! A few e-mails back and fore clarify targets. Together we identify and refine your real needs, and what we can do to improve and develop your online profile.
With aims set, we're up and running with cups of coffee, pencil and paper, sketching out initial ideas, ultimately developing the refined design digitally, and with precision.

A small selection of our web design work is shown below.


Web gallery

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geoponikonparos.com (now closed)

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tranquility villas.gr (now closed)

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euro-tran.co.uk (this design now replaced)